Friday, June 19, 2009

...A Month Later

Surgery is EXPENSIVE! Why is medical care so outrageously priced? And why don't they give you a heads up before you go under? When I go to a store I know how much I'm spending before I hand over my visa. Do you know how much my foot surgery cost before insurance? $15,000. Fifteen THOUSAND dollars, just for the hospital. Then you have to pay the doctor and the anesthesiologist on top of that. THEN you pay for physical therapy. Thank goodness I have insurance, but my deductible +15% is still a ridiculous amount for such a minor surgery. What about cancer patients who are in and out of the hospital? What about people who DON'T have insurance? Maybe Obama's plan will help, but then again maybe it won't. Medicine is a thriving industry, whether we like it or not. But then how do we change it?