Thursday, April 23, 2009

Bryan's GIG

Bryan and his band that doesn't have a name (because names are overrated), performed at an open mic night last weekend! Here's a short clip:

They did so well that the host pretty much begged them to come back next week!

In other news:
A pile of towels. PSYCH! Bear.

ALSO I entered my recipe for Texas Style BBQ Chicken Pizza into the Pillsbury Bake-Off! We shall see how that goes...

Friday, April 17, 2009


SO, as I mentioned before, I've been looking at some graphic design contests to enter for fun. Wellll, I've entered a logo designing contest for a new eco-friendly, trendy, upscale burger place called "Buns" opening in Seattle and I'm a finalist! Here's my design:
I'm so stoked that someone liked my idea! There were a total of 360 entries from 42 countries, so that's kinda cool. They said they will announce a winner by April 30, and they will post all the entries on this site soon:
(if you check there now, you will see my name by #91 :P)

Also, in Bryan and Meg news, Bryan is looking to find a job waiting tables for the summer, and then in the fall he will be student teaching/waiting tables. We aren't sure which school he will be at, but we'll let you know! He's also gotten to work on his music a lot with a sweet keyboard we just got from craigslist! I'm scheduled to get surgery on my foot to remove a bone that has broken loose from ligament. While surgery isn't pleasant to think about, I'm VERY excited to have my foot stop hurting! That will be in the beginning of May. Since we were planning a trip for that time, alas, we will have to reschedule our world travels to a later date. :D


Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter! :D

I'm forced to remember that this holiday isn't about the Easter Bunny and decorating eggs (and making cupcakes), but that it is more than that. Celebrate well, and enjoy the day!

Thursday, April 2, 2009


So I realize it's been a while since we've updated.... it's just that we don't have a ton of news to report. So here are the little things:

Bryan is a busy-bee ("um, that looks the LEAST like a bee" - movie quote anyone?) applying for a summer job, as well as a teaching job for the fall. He is looking all over Texas, so hopefully there will be some good opportunities for him.

I plan to enter the Pilsbury Bake-Off ( for shits and giggles. I'm trying to decide between a dessert recipe or a meal recipe. Since most of my best desserts are hand-me-downs from family, I suppose I can't enter those under my name so I'm leaning towards a hot meal idea. I'll let you know when I decide! Since the deadline is April 20 I need to hurry.......

I'm also considering entering a variety of graphic competitions just for fun. I figure it's a good way to branch out with my art and whatnot, and since ultimately I would like to be an artist it's also a good way to build my portfolio and confidence! (I hope) Plus, it gives me a reason to carry my sketchbook everywhere and wear all black and only respond to questions worthy of my answer and be ultra philosophical and....... just kidding.

I've never been one to enter contests. I'm just not a confident person, so I'm trying to change that!

Here's a game I like to play when I get bored at work:

More news later!