Friday, July 16, 2010

The Kona of Shame

We recently had our precious little girl, Kona, spayed so as not to produce more pugly (hah! get it?) pups. She returned home in the cone of shame, or as we like to refer to it, the Kona of shame.
I do not like the cone of shame.

Because it makes me look like this when I eat and drink:

Nah, I'm just kiddin'. It's fine as long as I can still have treats

**Shhh** She doesn't know her lady parts are gone.


Sunday, July 11, 2010

Happy Birthday, Dad!

Dad is the big 6-0 now. What a swell looking "Birthday Princess"! We hosted his party, but everyone else made it fun! Thanks to Aunt B for bringing ladder golf and to Roger for the adult beverages :)

Bryan may have slaved away over the grill with his fingers crossed that he didn't burn our house down, but I slaved away (ok, not really slaved because I enjoyed every minute of it) over the desserts! In keeping with our "hula" theme, here's our son-of-a-beach cake:

I tried to combine dad's 3 favorite activities: fishing, notice the candy fish in the water, the fishing pole with a dental floss line - the only inedible part of the cake I might add, unless you count the foil wrappers on the coins - shelling, and metal detecting. There are little bits of "metal" all in the sand (silver sprinkles, silver sixlets candy, and coins buried), the rocks in the water are candy, and the shells are chocolate (I made them!). I know the coins vs. metal detector ratio is off, but it doesn't matter because dad loved the cake!

I love cupcakes, so I had to make a few:

And last but not least, our fruit tart:
Mmmm healthy dessert. Sort of. Ok, not. But at least it's pretty :)

All in all, a fun party! Sad day for this june bug though
. He got stuck in the wax for out citronella candle and it hardened around him. I feel bad that he had such a slow demise, however I think june bugs are extra gross so I don't feel as bad for it as I would if it were, say, a puppy.

Speaking of puppies, look how cute Bear looks in his strawberry:


Also, don't forget to vote for my cupcake in the Duncan Hines contest! You can vote daily, and I need the extra support!


Thursday, July 8, 2010

Vote for My Cupcake!

Hello all! It has been a busy couple of months, that's for sure. The most recent news is that I entered a cupcake recipe contest! I need votes to win, so please vote! Here's the link:

I entered the contest kind of late - it started on June something - so I need all the votes I can get to make in into the top 10. From there, judges will choose a winner based on things like taste, presentation, ease of preparation, etc. You can vote every day until July 28, so keep voting and tell all your friends! :) If I win, who knows? Perhaps there is a big cupcake party in your future.

Choco-Coco Dream Cupcakes by Meg
You can have the recipe - it's in the link you click to vote. Thanks a bunch!

In other news, I joined the leagues of people who make cliche flag fruit tarts for the 4th of July this year:
I love a tasty treat. Plus, it's healthy. You know, because it has fruit on it. Nevermind the sugary glaze, cream cheese, and white chocolate.

We've also added a new mural to the house - Super Mario themed. I'll post pics later, as I am working on a new site to post my artwork. Or you can check facebook. :)

P.S. Don't forget to vote! Thanks!