Wednesday, November 11, 2009


The washer drum is out of balance.
The master bathtub doesn't drain at an acceptable pace.
The master toilet handle broke off.
The guest shower doesn't get hot water.
The sprinkler head is broken in the front yard.
The can lights in the living room don't work.

Yes, bad things happen in 3s and we're up to 6! What's next, house? Bring it on. I've got my tool belt and I'm READY.

Sunday, November 8, 2009


We began our search for a new church community today. We went into our first service at a new church weary of new people and legalism, and left with a refreshed outlook on our faith and where we need to go from here. We visited Providence Church, a Village church plant located in Frisco. I loved the feel of a small church, when we walked in we were immediately recognized as "newcomers" and greeted warmly. Coming from a church of (at least) 6000 across six services with three separate locations, this was a new feeling. After we left, we both thought it was okay but we didn't feel at home, so Bryan suggests the fabulous idea that we visit at least 20 different churches in the area before we decide where to go. I think this is brilliant because 1 - it gives us a chance to see all different denominations and ways of preaching since neither of us has much church experience, and 2 - we live in the Bible belt so it will be fairly easy to find churches.

Bryan's choice next week - we'll see how it goes!