Sunday, May 9, 2010

Our Very Own Stan Sitwell

I should be better about updating this thing... but what can I say, I'm a busy girl. Since our last post Kona has at least tripled in size and we discovered that she really really really likes orange juice. She also hasn't gotten any smarter.
Notice how she manages to hold the bone, AND have her tongue sticking out.

So we wanted to save some money on grooming for Bear, Bear-cuts if you will, so we purchased a pet hair trimmer from Walmart. I have a lot more respect for groomers now.

Whoops! We had the clippers on the "too short" setting. It's okay, we said (after laughing so hard we were crying at how ridiculous this looks), it will even out as we keep going. Rookie mistake. No big deal! It's a dog, right? Who cares. We move on. After trimming him all over, we decide that it's not that much of a difference, and that it should really be shorter since summer is upon us. Here's how that conversation went:

Bryan: Should we try to cut it shorter?

Meg: Probs. What are our options?
Bryan: I dunno, let's just go for it.

Welp, can't hide that. Might as well shave him completely then.

Aw, man. Now ALL the other dogs are gonna make fun of me. (Notice how there is still a divot on top of his head.)

And so goes the story of why we wasted $34 on a pet hair trimmer because we're gonna have to have a professional fix it anyway, or at least get him a doggie wig to cover the uneven patches.

Moral of the story: Don't let your parents cut your hair.