Sunday, September 12, 2010

GAH, I'm such a cliche.

I had a friend a while ago that said she wasn't sure if she wanted to be my friend because I have blonde hair and I wear and like the color pink. For someone who seemed to be very open-minded, she seemed pretty particular on the color of her friends hair - I thought that was weird and it became kind of a joke between us. We were pretty good friends for a while until life took us in different directions and we drifted apart. Well, it has come to my attention recently that she was right, I am a cliche, just not the one she was so adverse to. This realization came after the first yoga class I took - I am an artist, I try to be "green" (despite my penchant for "pink", heyo!), I do yoga, and my Toms are so worn out that I might as well be barefoot. I feel like I should just jump on board and be a vegan at this point (Although I don't think I will, I just can't wrap my head around veganism (veganism? I think I just made that up), sorry PETA). At least I recognize and accept this, right? So, without further ado, some cake and art I've done recently:

This cake is egg free, so that's a bonus! It has been different to work with egg-free cake mixes (I've done 2 cakes without eggs so far) because it comes out super dense and heavy.

Also, a while ago I mentioned that I painted our guest bedroom with a Mario mural. What? I just really like Mario. Call me a gamer, call me a n00b, I don't care, Mario's fun.

This is the first wall to the left when you open the door:
I think my favorite part of the whole mural is the mushroom.

Mario and Bob-omb are on the wall opposite the door, so they are the first thing you see when you walk in.

Wall 3 had a built in shelf that I painted like a ledge for my Goomba.

This is the corner between wall 3 and 4, see the ledge?

And this is a close up of the Koopa Troopa on wall 4.

For the most part, this mural is finished. Since it's at my house and not a client's, I might go back in some day and add little touches because sometimes I get bored looking at the same thing all day. :) For instance, don't you think it would be neat to paint the inside of the closet like the world Mario goes in when he goes down a warp pipe? Since the warp pipe is right by the closet door I think it is especially fitting.

More of my cake and art pictures are here:

Next time I'll post a Bryan update!