Monday, July 27, 2009

New 'Toos

So I can't decide what my favorite part of our San Antonio/Austin road trip was. Was is when Bryan nuzzled a strange woman? Or when he came up from under water in the pool right into some girl's butt? Is he trying to tell me something? Maybe it was when he was excited about his new shirt, until he saw 2 middle aged men wearing it too. :)

On the way down we ate at the aptly named, Yumm Factory. It was indeed yummy. We played Bananas while we ate our "Burger Specials" with sweet tea.

We went to Schlitterbahn first to take care of some schlit. After that we checked out the Riverwalk in San Antonio and ate at our favorite place, Rita's. We got over served though, and totally forgot to use our coupon. Dammit!

Bryan wanted to fit in and not look so touristy, so we opted to purchase some traditional San Antonian garb.

The homosexual barista at Starbucks most definitely hit on Bryan that night too. When he found out we were married, and that Bryan is in fact straight, he pointed out that he had the sombrero on backwards and walked away. Nice.

After San Antonio, we headed up to Austin to see what 6th street was all about. I very much prefer 6th street to any sort of bar situation in Dallas. We got some sweet 'toos, but I almost chickened out on mine for sure. Bryan was making really painful faces and I got nervous! (In case your curious, we were completely 100% sober when we got the tattoos.) I finally went for it though, and I quite like how it turned out! I designed it, and it says "love" in the swirlies if you look closely. It's also only about 4 inches tall. The picture makes it look a lot bigger.

P.S. In the picture on the top I'm smiling on the outside, but crying on the inside. I'm pretty sure I permanently injured Bryan's hand from squeezing it so hard.

Bryan's turn! He actual went first, and his took almost an hour and a half. I can't imagine how people sit through hours worth of tatooing.

This pic was in our hotel room right after he got it done. The face says "eeeeeeeks-look-at-the-blood-o-m-g-this-hurts" doesn't it?

These were taken in a diner on the way back home. The seat belt in the car pressed his shirt to his tattoo and made it stick, doesn't it just make your skin crawl thinking about having to rip your shirt from a fresh wound? The next pic is of him rubbing aquaphor on it after he finally got his shirt away from it. It wasn't SO bad after he got some water for it.

And here is his sweet new 'too! He already had the cross there, but it was blue before. He said that going over the old tattoo was the worst pain ever. The picture is a bit blurry, it's a lion on his back legs facing the cross and a crown over the cross.

Bryan also got a sweet new hat to fit in with the locals in Austin. We were all about the rockin' head gear this trip.
And that's that!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Progression to Adulthood

So it LOOKS like we will be getting our first house! I don't want to post the address because I don't want to jinx it... but it's in Mckinney and it's wicked cute! We close on August 6, unless we close July 31 (which is my birthday, so that would be super sweet). The sellers want to close by the end of July, but the lending complany says they can't unless they rush it, and even then it's still just a maybe. When did we become such grown ups? Getting married and buying a house... Next thing you know we'll own an SUV.