Thursday, October 15, 2009

New Cakes, New Trees

It's been a busy month and it's only the 15th! This last weekend I made a Spongebob rice krispie, a dirt bike cake, and a train cake for a birthday party. This was my first experience in multiple cakes for one event, so that was exciting! I think they turned out pretty good, my train cake picture came out blurry, but here's the other two:

I finally got to use my new "grass" icing tip! The "dirt" is crushed oreos and the "trees" are green suckers with brown icing. Spongebob came out a little more orange that I expected, but hey I'm still learning.

Bryan's been super busy at school too. He's teaching full time now for his mentor teacher and he's the head of the speech team. Hopefully he will be a (paid) teacher in the Spring or Fall!

I finally got to paint something fun in our house! It's ab

Palm trees! This is in our front entry way. We've decorated the whole thing with a beachy theme complete with paper lanterns and a surfboard (on the other wall). There are also hooks in the leaves of the trees to hang hats and scarves (no, the irony is not lost on us). To see more of my art, go to:

Our camera has died recently (mostly because I left it out in the rain), so pictures may become scarce in the near future. Can't wait for those Black Friday sales!

Upcoming cakes: Dominos (the game, not the pizza place), basketball, teddy bear, and the last one's a secret :)

This post has been mostly about me... I apologize for that. Bryan's just so busy teaching and making lesson plans that he hasn't had much time for anything else! He has written a couple of new songs though, and I do believe they've got a lot of potential!