Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The Boston Trip

We had a whirlwind trip to Boston this weekend (really it was Wednesday night after work to Saturday morning) for our friend Daniel's wedding. We thought that taking Mylo would be super stressful, but he was great! It's Boston that's stressful.
 Mylo's first plane ride! What a boss. We booked our flight for 8pm Wednesday night hoping he would sleep for most of it, then our return flight was right during his naptime Saturday, because mom is captain-plan-ahead-to-avoid-screaming-crying-baby-and-the-stinkeye-from-strangers-woman.

 We breakfasted here and it was the most hipster scene I've ever been a part of. We fit right in with our skinny jeans and Toms.

Mylo wore his tuxedo shirt and his cape to the rehearsal dinner, because he's all "business in the front and party in the back, peeps!" 

The "Freedom Trail" follows this red line all through Boston to see historic sights and whatnot. We cheated and didn't take the official tour because all we were interested in was finding delicious lunch. And then we got lost and just ordered pizza when we finally made it back to our hotel. Womp, womp.

 Just some native Bostonians doing native Boston things.
They say people from the South are so much nicer, but I didn't feel like it was any different. It's the roads that were terrifying. No, I don't think it's too much to ask to have visible street signs and lanes painted on the highway. I also believe in street lights.

 Well look who's lookin' all dapper.

 Someone was being a fussalump, so we enjoyed the ceremony form the hallway of the church. Bryan was in the wedding, so it was just mom and Mylo time.

"That trip was EXHAUSTING, y'all. And I just pooped. Everywhere." 
How lucky were we that we were in the only row on the plane with an empty seat on the flight back?

I feel like I need to rest after our "vacation". Mylo was great, though! Minimal fussiness considering all we put him through. This was the first time we've returned home from a trip and been thankful to live in suburbia where you have space and cleanliness and street signs.