Sunday, December 25, 2011

Baby's First Christmas

Merry Christmas! This is the least awkward picture we came up with. Pictures are hard to time with an infant and a dog. Not to mention double chins and weird eye glare.
It's been balls to the wall since Thanksgiving for us Hoskinses. We learned at Thanksgiving that Mylo doesn't like crowds and if you're not mom or dad, he's not interested. We also have since learned that he hates the car, which, when we tell people, always gets the response, "Oh, that's unusual, my baby LOVED the car and would fall asleep the second we started driving!" How happy for you. We have a screamfest every time we go anywhere.

Anyway, we had a budget Christmas in order to avoid putting anything on our credit card, and Bryan hasn't started his newer, higher paying job yet, anyway. Oh hey, Bryan got a full time teaching position! (Right now he's an aid, but soon he will be a teacher). He starts January 9th and we're so excited! He will be teaching Inclusion English at the 9th grade level.

Anyway, budget Christmas. We made a lot of our gifts and also gave a lot of baked goods as gifts. It was a busy, busy month. You know, considering we still have to feed, poop, and generally care for a 3 month old while both still working our full time jobs. And that's why I haven't gotten a chance to post anything for a month!
Have you joined Pinterest yet? There are so many fun ideas like this one!

Mylo made out like a bandit this Christmas and he doesn't even know it!
Thank goodness for Santa and Grandparents!

Since the Mavs played their first game today, Santa brought Mylo his own little hat to match dad's so they could watch it together.
Again, this was the least awkward pic. Mylo is way cuter than he looks. 

Can I just say that I love that Bryan understands that toys are not just for kids? 
Yes, I already put together the legos. Yes, that's a Darth Vader alarm clock. After I opened the clock, Bryan got super excited about it and now we have to go get him his own Darth Vader clock for his new classroom. Because I don't want to share mine.

Merry Christmas from the Hoskinseseseses!