Thursday, March 15, 2012

Mylo's Wing of the House

Mylo has a pretty fantastic room, if I do say so myself. It's Super Mario (N64 style, in case you need more elaboration), jungle bugs, and hamburger themed.
I painted his room to look like a video game. Ok fine, I painted it that way before he was even a thought...and it just kinda worked out that we had a boy.

The previous owners of our house had a wallpaper border in this room:
A word on wallpaper borders: I hate them. Technically that's three words, but there you have it. We can still be friends if you like wallpaper borders, but I'm probably gonna judge you. Kidding! But seriously.
To easily remove a wallpaper border, you can add a little bit of fabric softener to some water, rub the wallpaper border and it will peel right off. Fun fact/helpful hint.

This is where we keep our books. And some toys. And our teddy bear mat.

And his crib jungle and hamburger bank:
Technically it's a cheeseburger.
And a Tigger photobomb:
 Hey, there's the dresser we were painting in the last post!
Toy zone:
P.S. We have WAY MORE toys than this. It's a little bit ridiculous.

Mylo doesn't have to wonder if there's a monster in his closet..because there most definitely is: 
His bathroom is monsters and bubbles themed. You can tell that we are REALLY GOOD at picking one theme and sticking with it.

And that's where Mylo lives! I feel like this post is long overdue since I have a six month old. Holy balls, I have a SIX MONTH OLD. I guess I should go ahead and wear my jeans at my bellybutton and get a mom haircut. Maybe I'll preemptively join the PTA and drive my minivan to soccer practice*. 

Oh! Today is Bearikins' birthday! He's 8 now, and the most fantastic dog in the history of ever.

*I don't have mom jeans, a mom haircut, or a minivan. Yet.

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